My photographic and cinamatic journey to find aesthetics in everyday life

From my early childhood, I have been always interested in images. I’d spent hours in my parent’s art studio drawing and looking through their art books. Later I discovered photography and film. As my father had a darkroom I was developing my photos when I was in middle school and joined a local youth film club. These interests have continued to be present in my life in one form or another. What does it mean to be an artist? Definitely, it is a question I’ve been trying to find an answer to. One thing stayed constant: my search for aesthetics in my everyday life. And when I think I find them, it brings me joy. The way I look at the world has been changing. My experience and knowledge of design, photography, and film have evolved, as my resources, time availability, and abilities to do certain things. In some stages of my life, I am able to see some things while in others something different. Even simple logistics can influence that like I happen to live in a particular place or work in a particular area. Not to mention my mood or my personal situation. Therefore I see my image-making as a sort of journal in which my state of mind, my environment, and sometimes a chance, all play their roles in what I eventually capture in my artwork. – Jim Darski (San Francisco Bay Area, USA)


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